diversity. authenticity. professionalism.

Freeskiing is a sport full of opportunities for those involved. Athletes have countless visions, hopes, goals and passion for the sport they created.

Global brands and federations recognize freeskiing‘s potential, while core brands manage to grow quicker than the sport itself.

Our mission is to create a network that links athletes, industry and federations together, by focusing on freeskiing‘s very own strengths.

Our vision is to enhance diversity, save authenticity and provide professionalism for the sport of freeskiing.

We‘ll have an open ear for any athlete seeking to make a living out of their sport, provide them with a professional infrastructure and guide them to the direction they want to take their career.

We‘ll create opportunities and provide consultancy for those companies, federations and organizations who want to be a part of an authentic and diverse vision of freeskiing.

The core of this network consists of a set of skills and assets that WE can provide.